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Glenmaggie and Coongulla

The small townships of Glenmaggie and Coongulla are situated 12km north of Heyfield.
The Glenmaggie Weir is a man-made Weir in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in Gippsland and was built primarily for irrigation, but today remains very popular for water sports such as skiing and speed boat racing.

The Weir wall area provides a pleasant picnic ground and information centre. The local caravan park is also located on the lake shoreline. The area is also rich in animal, bird and plant life and is a delight for naturalists.


What Glenmaggie and Coongulla have to offer;

  • Glenmaggie Wines is just a short drive away and offers cellar door sales.
  • View the Weir wall and walk the shoreline at Glenmaggie Weir
  • Take part in watersports on the lake including swimming, fishing, boating and water skiing.
  • Visit the little museum with an historic farm machinery display
  • Have a picnic and watch the water being released from the Weir, mainly during winter and spring when the water levels are higher.
  • Plan your trip to coincide with the state-wide speed boating competition that takes place three times a year and kicks off on new years.
  • Bring your bikes and ride the many trails at Blores Hill and Surrounds.